Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kill Dust Mites & Fluff Pillows in Your Dryer

As many people with allergies know, the dust mites that live in all pillows can be a powerful irritant. Here's a useful tip: I put my down pillows (the ones we use regularly) in the dryer every 4 weeks. It not only fluffs them but kills mites!

This technique has been verified by work published in the prestigious Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The idea is that dry heat of 105°C, or 221°F, which can be achieved in a typical clothes dryer on the "medium" setting, is enough to kill absolutely all mites in bedding. You'll want to heat the bedding all the way through, so 10 minutes is appropriate for blankets, while 20-30 minutes might be needed for dry pillows.

Need to control allergies? Fluff your pillows in the dryer from time to time. Need new pillows? Check out our selection of pillows at Laughlin Designs.

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