Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 at 04:02PM

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Tired Of Stinky Towels?

Our family has always loved the out of doors, as adults our kids still do. One son races motorcycles, the other is an extreme runner, & our daughter can beat us all at tennis.  Such activities require frequent showers, and showers bring on the towels.

In humid summers multiple showers a day can lead to towels that stay damp leaving them prone to odors or even mildew.  A customer shared her "secret" with me: she does a prewash using ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar. She says generics have a harsher odor so uses a brand name. This is followed by a wash using LeBlanc Towel Wash and a thorough (key) drying.  For extra measure & delightful smelling towels we recommend also using LeBlanc's dryer sachets.  Our favorite fragrance is Summer Verbena. Tip: all towel manufacturers advise against using fabric softeners, these will coat the fibers & render them less absorbent.  If your towels are stiffer after washing you need to either use less detergent or put them through at least 2 rinse cycles.  The stiffness is usually caused from detergent residue. 

The secrets to keeping them soft & absorbent:
            Use quality detergent
            Rinse them well
            Do not use fabric softeners
            Dry them thoroughly, do not let them sit in washer
            or laundry while damp
            Purchase quality towels, they last longer any way

Do you like your towels thick & soft, firmer with more body, light and quick drying, extra large?  Everyone is different.  After you go to my site & read about the different towels, fresh smelling towel detergent & dryer sachets call me & I will help you find the right ones for you.

For a 10% discount on any towel purchase over $200, when you place your order make a note in the comments box that you read this on our blog page. The 10% will be given when your card is actually charged.

Enjoy every day, it is a gift!

Friday, July 10, 2015


"SnuggleBugs" is what I called my grandkids when they were young! Every one of them loved sleeping over in "Grandma's cozy beds". Getting them to bed at night was never a problem, but getting them up was!
My opinion is that a bed should lure you to jump in & snuggle down. It is said that we spend 1/3+ of our lives in bed, if your bed is not doing it's job, it needs some work!
Visit my site, or call me at 650-799-7757 for suggestions on how to wake your lazy bed up so YOU can enjoy being the lazy & cozy one.
Mention you saw this on face book or my blog & when you place an order you will receive a free sample of towel or linen wash, your choice.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jersey Matters Episode 119 Segment 3 Jay Scott Smith Package

Jay Scott Smith takes us to Lincroft, NJ, where there is an opportunity for special needs kids to play a game of baseball together.

Paul Hooker is one of my heroes. He was the owner of my largest source for luxury linens, SFERRA, & opened the door for me to do business as a web based company, which, at that time, 20 years ago,was a new idea & not trusted. smile emoticon His generous heart led him to start this outstanding sports program for challenged kids 25 years ago, then he retired from SFERRA to take this program nationally. I love people like this, & love his heart & vision. Enjoy. Maybe it will come to YOUR community. I hope so for the kids' sakes.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dryer Sachets Save her Reputation

I enjoy my customers.  They think they learn a lot from me regarding fine sheets & towels, how to select a down comforter or pillow, how to care for fine linens, etc, but all of that pales compared to what I learn from them.  They have shared recipes, favorite pet stories, how to grow vegetables, and stories of how they use some of the products they purchase from me at

For example, I just got off the phone with a customer who ordered a case of Summer Verbena scented Dryer Sachets.  She says she is known as "the lady with the great smelling home".  She puts these dryer sachets on shelves in her laundry room, on her screened porch, & of course in her dryer.  When she runs the dryer the wonderful fragrance fills her home inside & out.  The fun story she shared with me is that when her husband plays golf he brings "that golf odor into my home".  I did not ask but only imagine "that odor" to be a mix of sweat & old grass.  So instead of complaining she started keeping a fresh dryer sachet under the cushion of his favorite chair.  Problem solved & her reputation as "the lady with the great smelling home" is safe.  But shhhh, don't tell her husband.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Select a Mattress

I spend a lot of time helping customers pick just the right bedding to enhance their sleep experience. I also like to sleep well myself! It is said we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed… so it needs to be a good experience.

When we moved to Kentucky I feared I would never see my friends again, not so! People love escaping to the country, we love having them. I delude myself into thinking these friends are coming to see me! It must be my charm that draws them! But the truth is revealed in their deep sighs of contentment when they head to bed & slip under the covers & sheets on our guest beds. That is my reality check…It's the sheets they love! That is still fine with me, we love house guests. I don't even mind the washing & ironing (yes, I am old school, I iron sheets). It is the mattresses that get to me. So now we finally get to my tip regarding mattresses. Buy lightweight mattresses! Without considering that I would have to lift these monsters I bought 3 heavy queen sized mattresses for guest beds. I have to get my husband to help with the lifting in order to change the sheets. So unless you are VERY strong or have strong helpers…do yourself a favor & buy a mattress that you can lift. Beyond that I don't have a lot of advice for mattress selection since that is a very individual preference. It would be like trying to guide Goldilocks. I would probably have steered her to the bed that Mama & Poppa Bear slept on, and that would have ruined a good story. But, once you select a mattress you love, if you find it SLEEPS HOT, I can probably help you!

Many customers buy latex or foam mattresses that meet their criteria of soft, medium or firm only to find they wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat & can't get back to sleep because the mattress is too hot. They call me seeking help & I recommend the St. Dormeir washable wool mattress protector. I receive rave reviews from most of these customers. So while I will not presume to tell you what mattress to buy, I can encourage you to get one you can lift, and if yours sleeps too hot, check out the St.Dormeir Washable Wool Mattress Protectors on

Sleep well.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Napping Unto Greatness

I’ve written about naps before.  But I’m afraid I’ve made it sound like I advocate naps universally.  Not so.

Naps are not for everyone.

Naps are really just those who want to succeed, enjoy life to the fullest, and be great.  I’m talking about people like Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Napoleon,Thomas Edison, and Batman*, all of whom were famous nappers.

Great companies also nap.   My son just visited Google’s Boulder, CO, headquarters, for instance, and noticed several official napping zones with pillows, cots, and dimmable lights.  Other storied companies like Time Warner, Hearst, and Yahoo! actually contract with napping companies like YeloSpa to ensure that their employees’ naps are professional grade. 

But, as I said, naps are not for everyone because not everyone wants to be great.  Greatness is a lot to take on.  So if you want to be mediocre, I understand.  Don’t nap. 

But I want to be great. And if you do, it’s important not to just nap willy-nilly, but to nap well.  Here is a pre nap, nap, and post nap checklist to make sure that your naps are optimized for personal greatness and the betterment of the world. 


> If you have afternoon coffee, drink it now (it takes caffeine 15 – 45 minutes to peak—so the coffee will launch you out of your nap and into your afternoon just as your nap is ending)
> Remove all clothing but underwear; heck, remove your underwear too!
> Put on new age music.
> Close the blinds and turn off the lights.
> Set alarm for 15 – 20 minutes (too much nappage will interfere with your nighttime sleep, which defeats the purpose).
> Use a soft pillow that can be shaped to support your neck.


> Nap under a nice blanket
> Start on your back
> Don’t try too hard to sleep; 15 minutes of clear-minded relaxation is almost as good as actual Z’s


> Get up promptly to reduce grogginess
> Open the blinds for natural sunlight, if available
> Stretch to stimulate circulation and alertness
> Check in mirror for drool, messy hair, and other compromising evidence of slumber (remember that naps are your secret weapon)
> Put clothing back on (you don’t want to forget this in your grogginess and wander into a meeting naked)

Once you’ve completed your nap, there’s only one more thing to do: go out there and BE GREAT!

The world needs you.

* Robin, it should be noted, was not a napper.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ultimate Gift Ideas

I was recently asked by a PR firm to provide some “extravagant gift ideas” for an article they are pitching to an undisclosed magazine with a wealthy readership.  Most of my clients—whether wealthy or not—want items that combine exquisite quality with at least some modicum of value.  I appreciate that approach and so I consider it part of my mission to get my customers the very best linens at the very best price.

But I have to admit that it was a fun assignment to be asked to think through only about extravagance.   It took me about 60 seconds to pick items gifts from SnuggleDown’s expansive inventory that represent the ultimate in luxury. 

So I thought I’d share the blurb the PR firm wrote so that you can take a peek at some of the premium items we have at SnuggleDown. 

Sandra Laughlin is the founder and proprietor of, a luxury linens company that caters to discerning clients around the world.  She has sold linens to royalty, outfitted yachts and private jets, and has even sold eiderdown travel pillows to finicky world-class athletes. 

Some bedding items she suggests for anyone’s list of ultimate gifts includes:

* A lightweight silk eiderdown duvet for $8352
* Cashmere/silk sheets and duvet cover—about $15,000 for the set
* An Italian cashmere blanket for $2595
* A gorgeous, humanely raised and harvested fox throw (not featured on her site but available) for about $6000

Sandra is an expert on the subject fine linens and personally advises her clients.  Originally from Palo Alto, California, the active 70 year old now lives on a 600 acre farm where she raises chickens and cattle, hunts wild boar, and leads women’s leadership retreats that feature whitewater rafting, pistol shooting, and rock climbing. 

If you’re a customer looking for the ultimate in linens, contact me and we’ll discuss these and other ideas.  If you’re a friend or family member of mine reading this list, remember that it’s only seven months until my birthday…so start saving now!

Hint Hint.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Sleep when it’s Smokin’ Hot

I am very, very hot.

Wait. No. It’s not what you think.

I just mean, literally, I’m hot.  It’s 108 degrees outside and, as usual in Kentucky, the humidity is around 100%.  That means it’s like being in a hot tub all day.  One that’s too hot to enjoy.  With all your clothes on.  While you work.

Our air conditioner is straining and we really don’t like to run it all the time anyway.  So we are doing everything we can to give it a break—turning it off for periods of time, closing our shades, drinking lots of lemonade.

It’s not entirely working, though.  We’re still hot.

So before bed I’ve been taking hot showers to cool off.  I’m serious about that.  It’s so searing outside that the water in our pipes is hot even when you only turn the cold handle.  But it’s still better than nothing.

I know from watching the news that we are far from alone.  Chicago; Denver; St. Louis, Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri, the whole heart of this country, in fact, is absolutely frying.  It’s so hot that a family in Coweta, Oklahoma, actually cooked their breakfast bacon on the driveway last week, according to the Huffington Post.

So, because it’s so terribly hot and because I am a sleep professional, as it were, I’ve decided to compile some tips to help you nod off even during this ferocious heat wave.  Since all of these tips do involve an expenditure, I have included the approximate cost of implementing each tip (based on a two week heat wave) so that you can create a strategy to fit your budget.

Here are my tips:

  Make fresh iced lemonade, but be sure it’s not too strong or sugary (I recommend low glycemic agave nectar as a sweetener—Weelicious has a great recipe that’s appropriate for all ages).  Always have a glass in your hand and always be sure it’s well iced—it will keep you in a better mood during the day, making it easier to fall asleep at night.
Cost:  Two weeks of iced agave lemonade for a thirsty (six glasses per day) family of four:  $500 (really, I did the math)

TIP 2  Turn on your AC full blast; this will likely break your AC, but it might be worth it.
Cost: Full blast AC for a 3000 square foot home in 108 degree heat for two weeks: $300; air conditioning repair:  $1000

TIP 3  Visit your doctor to discuss the sleep aid that’s right for you.  Depending upon your physiology and medical history, this might include chamomile tea and melatonin, or perhaps something stronger, like Ambien.
Cost: Physician visit:  $180; Ambien prescription:  $42

TIP 4  Wear a cooling face mask to bed (the high quality cloth covered ones you refrigerate or freeze).
Cost:  Cooling face mask:  $30

TIP 5  Install a ceiling fan.
Cost:  Fan:  $200; installation: $85

The tips above should help your keep your cool and fall asleep during this heat wave.  As you can see, I estimate that the total cost for sleeping well during a two-week, triple-digit heat wave is around $2337.

But Bill and I have slept well without doing most of the things I describe above because, of course, the very best way to sleep in all conditions is to have excellent bedding.  Plus, one set of fine linens will last you indefinitely, keeping you well rested during every season for years to come—well beyond a two-week heat wave.

Of course, I’m a little biased.  But guess what?  I’ve just helped you rationalize a $2337 linens budget!  Think cool, eiderdown pillows or linen, silk, or light cotton sheets (like Celeste).  The key is natural fabrics which "breathe" not synthetics which do not.  The St. Dormeir washable wool mattress protector is a good addition, too.  It has a 'cooling" effect in that it will wick moisture away from your body as you perspire.

If you decide to pursue linens instead of my other tips, you can freeze your pillows all day long and take them out just before bed for a soothing journey to Sleepy Town.  You can or spritz your sheets with water to create a cooling evaporative effect. Since this tip works best with circulating air, you might have to adjust your linens budget to $2052 if you don’t have a fan installed yet.

Of course, as always, if you can’t make up your mind, just give me a call and I’ll personally help you navigate our huge selection of fine linens.  Together we’ll find exactly what you need to stay cool and make your bedroom look fabulous.

That’s way better than a fist full of Ambien (but the lemonade is actually worth a try--even with new linens)!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pure Linen Sheets for a Light-Weight Summer Bed

The new Lin Supreme takes pure linen bedding to a new level. A range of pastel colors, all woven with a textured look, bring a fresh look to the summer bed. Linen is naturally cooling, absorbent, and low-weight, making it perfect for hot nights. Available in sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and shams, and bed skirts. Made for Zimmer + Rohde by Schlossberg. Designed in Germany & Switzerland and made in Italy of the purest 100% linen. After handling this fabric, I can say that it is one of the highest quality linens that we've ever had at Laughlin Designs Fine Linens, and with all the nice products that we have, that's saying a lot!

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